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Turnaround Time – Projects can take months to reach the printing stage, due to time required for design and legal considerations, yet we understand that end users still want their printed materials on time, especially when scheduled meetings and events are at stake! Fortunately, our experienced staff knows how to meet those tight deadlines, without compromising on quality, and never adds rush charges (like those other printers do!) Our team works hard to stay on top of every job until it is produced and shipped; we simply don’t go home without getting the jobs done.


Quality Control/Level of Quality - Our highly experienced co-owner has a wide range of knowledge about printing and machine function (having operated everything from 1 to 8 color presses) and is extremely well versed in all phases of print production. From prepress to printing and bindery, he inspects each department to ensure the job is produced correctly and to exacting standards. Passionate about printing, he works tirelessly to please every client, every time.


Customer Service – Our highly trained staff provides solutions for each customer’s unique needs, helping them to save money by analyzing the project to produce it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Each individual on the team is taught to accurately communicate clients’ needs on every project, so we can meet and exceed your expectations.


Prices – We understand you want high quality products at a fair price, so we work hard to provide you with aggressive yet, competitive pricing. Our estimating considers all aspects of the job, including layout, fit, paper size, minimal waste, best press fit, etc. to provide you with the very best pricing for your printing project.


Theory – Everyone at LA Press works as a family to make things efficient and effective because we believe that doing things right the first time is profitable for everyone, reprints negatively impact the bottom line, and missed delivery dates simply aren’t an option! From top to bottom, we’re absolutely committed to maintaining accuracy and high quality on every job.


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13951 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90061

Tel:  310-323-8333  •  Fax:  310-768-8545



13951 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061  •  Tel: 310-323-8333  •  FAX: 310-768-8545

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